My first experience with Brian and Theresa will certainly not be the last. Not only are they both very knowledgeable, but they also took the guesswork out of the organization and exceeded all our expectations. My clients are already asking me when the next Scotch Tasting will be. Guillaume- Templeton Franklin 2017

"Whisky tasting! OH YES!!" Was my husband's reaction when he found out that would be his birthday present, even though the packaging wasn't the most conventional...that of a man wearing a skirt! We loved having Terry and Brian over for our private whisky tasting. I would (and already have) recommended them to anyone. They even made the more skeptics in our group appreciate whisky. Filled with humor and story-telling Brian was able to take us on a entertaining and yet very insightful discovery of different whiskies. They brought a piece of Scotland in our home. I can't thank you enough! Jessica
Private Whisky Tasting- May 17/17

Hello Terry and Brian I would like to thank you very much for our opening night. You were a huge hit with our customers. That was the talk of the event on the selection and how knowledgeable you were. Once again thank you very much. Rick- CAE User Conference May 2017 -

Our event with Ouidram was a big success! Terry and Brian went above and beyond to ensure everything was in place and went smoothly. One of our guests told me that Brian is somewhat of a whisky legend in Canada referring to him as the King of Scotch. Ouidram helped us not only to host the tasting but to organize the event by choosing the whisky, food pairings, coordinating with the bar … the list goes on. A huge thanks to you Terry and Brian!

Natalya- M. Marketing MNP VIP event at Bord"Elle Bar & Restaurant
May 3rd, 2017

"I never thought that I could come to enjoy whisky so much in such a short time. Ouidram's Terry and Brian are brilliant".
Recent convert to whisky at a Private tasting in Lac Simon April 29th 2017

A very pleasant, informative and interesting experience, we learned about the whiskey, Brian's anecdotes are fun and Terry is an excellent organizer and we really enjoyed the tasting."
Private tasting in Lac Simon on April 29th, 2017

"If learning in school was as engaging and entertaining as a whisky tasting event hosted by Ouidram, there would so many more PhDs!"

Private tasting in Lac Simon April 29th, 2017.

I'd like to share with you how much I enjoyed your guided whisky tasting hosted by the Ottawa Scottish Society with guest Brian McQueenie of Ouidram Whisky Tastings. I can't say I was much of a whisky drinker before your event.
Even the UK's Scotch Ambasador at an embasy function years ago didn't do the trick for me. I have been a wine and craft beer fan for a long time but it wasn't until hearing Brian's knowledge, stories, and humour that my inner whisky taste buds opened up. I've since passed on a few of Brian's lessons to family and friends and even those that considered themselves to be experts learned a thing or two. My best takeaway? That beer and whisky are a natural pair and that one before the other opens up whole new worlds of flavor. Thank you!

Steve, Ottawa, ON, November 2016

Thanks to Brian & Terry, my Scotch tasting/Birthday Party was a huge success ! Brian made sure that the Scotch selection paired well with the menu, he was very entertaining in explaining the subtleties of each of the Scotchs, switching easily from English to French, and looking totally handsome in his kilt. All of my guests loved the evening and still talk about it months later!
Julie, October 2016 Montreal, Qc

"Brian ‎and Terry (Ouidram) organized a 'hands on' and insightful session for the Orleans 'Whiskey Club'. Brian explained the not-so-obvious differences between Scotches and Bourbons with character and humor, and in a laid back way which worked very well with the lads of our tasting club"
E. VDV Orleans Whisky Club December 2016

Thanks Terry and Brian for the awesome evening of scotch tasting with family and friends! We received excellent comments from everyone about the scotch choices, the presentation and the stories from Brian! We are looking forward to planning other fabulous evenings like this one with Ouidram in the future.
M.Belanger- Private Tasting, Rockland, ON, Nov.2016

This was our 3rd Annual OYCL (Ottawa Young Construction Leaders) Scotch tasting, and it was the best one yet with Ouidram. Let’s start with the food and venue you recommended! Everyone was blown away, by Table 40 of Fraser Cafe and the room suited our needs perfectly. Great atmosphere; Brian delivered just the right amount of stories and interesting facts for the group. It was exactly what I wanted and we could all hear the presentation perfectly.

The Scotches selected were all unique and most of the attendees said they never tasted them before, which is always difficult to do. I’m usually very stressed before and during the event, but not this time since Terry coordinated everything with the restaurant so well!
M Parent OYCL Annual Scotch Tasting Event at Table 40 of Fraser Cafe- October 21,2016

M Parent OYCL Annual Scotch Tasting Event at Table 40 of Fraser Cafe- October 21,2016

Thanks for the wonderful whisky tasting last night! It was great to meet you and Terry.

You have a lot of great knowledge and you have a great presence up in front of people.

I look forward to drinking some whisky with you in the future. Who knows, maybe my own!

Owner/Distiller; Sheringham Distillery, B.C. Sept. 2015

Thanks to both of you for a memorable evening. We’ll keep you in mind for future events. Appreciate the feedback, many positive comments.

Scott Delgaty

Vice-président, Gestionnaire de portefeuille
Groupe financier Delgaty Lalonde
CIBC Wood Gundy
January 2016

“We cannot thank Ouidram enough for their help to organize a Whisky Tasting fundraiser for the Montreal Children’s Library. From their initial advice on food, location and ticket price, to the beautiful end product of an evening of information and fantastically chosen scotches – Ouidram was the perfect partner for us. We are so grateful for their generosity and knowledge, and to their kind distributors who helped maximize the donations we were able to raise for charity. Our guests were so pleased with the four incredible scotches available at our event and Brain and Terry were a true delight. We will absolutely be working with them again and are proud to recommend them to other non-profits hoping to organize similar events.”

Amanda Fritz, CFRE
The Neuro, Montreal
January 2016

Hi Terry and Brian

Thank you so much for coming through on short notice to lead the Robert Burns Scotch Tasting event at our curling club.

Our members enjoyed themselves and was a fantastic evening. With the small intimate crowd, our participates got their questions answered and as well as Brian’s recommendations. This was a true learning and appreciation of fine scotch whiskies, with Brian’s in-depth knowledge and explanations of what we were tasting was outstanding – he knows how to explain in words what we were tasting! I so appreciate everything you did to make it special. Many of the members came to me and said this was the best tasting event they have been too and were very pleased to have participated.

We look forward to our next tasting event with Ouidram.

Royal Canadian Navy Curling Club
Event: January 30, 2016

Thank you Terry!

I would also like to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate your events. As a host, Brian’s approach epitomizes everything I would expect from a high-end scotch event thanks to his attire, his looks, his knowledge, his finesse with the attendees, his humour, etc… And I strongly recommend your events to everyone around me.

Adam Nizynski, CIM Corporate Development Manager
February 2016

“Thanks to OUIDRAM, my whisky tasting fundraiser benefiting the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada was a tremendous success!
The guests were amazed by the outstanding selection of whiskies, food pairing and venue. Everything came together nicely and I am already looking forward to the next one.”

Dan Coyle | Directeur GARANTIE ORMD Région du Québec
November 2015

I first heard about Terry & Brian through my wife. The father of a friend of hers used them to celebrate a milestone birthday. My interest in scotch had just started at this point and I thought this would be a phenomenal way to learn more about scotch whisky. I then met Terry & Brian at a West Island cocktail event was immediately drawn to the table. The few minutes I spent there listening to Brian educate was enough for me to engage them in to helping me with my annual fundraiser for Movember. We had about 30 people in the room and raised over $2,200 and Terry & Brian definitely put the "fun" into this fundraiser. From the non-scotch drinker to the seasoned vet, everybody loved the presentation and the format of the evening. We will definitely be looking to partner with Ouidram again in the future!
Shawn - "Movember" Fundraising Event Organizer

Terry & Brian,
On behalf of my colleague Matt and our assistant Jennifer I would like to thank you both for the wonderful evening of food, drink and of course knowledgeable and insightful entertainment. The coordination between you, the venue and us was painless and most importantly flawless! Our client appreciation event was a major success, everyone was impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism you two brought to the evening as well as great selection of scotches! We look forward to working with you in the near future!


Mark Colangelo
Investment Advisor
Manulife Securities Incorporated

On behalf of the MS Society of Canada, Ottawa Chapter, we would like to sincerely thank you for participating in last’s night’s Scotch Single Malt Whiskey Tasting for MS event at Table 40. We are very pleased to report that the event raised $1,000 for MS research and services.

A big thank you to Brian McQueenie and Terry McGoldrich (Ouidram) for hosting such a lovely evening. I think most people seemed to really enjoy themselves.

Again, our sincere thanks and perhaps we will be able to convince Brian and Terry to do it again next year!

Leanne Anderson | Director, Community Development | Ottawa Chapter
MS Society of Canada

Thank you to Terry and Brian for delighting our guests at our latest business networking event. It was a great hit! We are so thrilled that you were part of our event and to offer something unique and entertaining. We received very positive feedback from our guests. For some, it was the first time tasting whisky and with Brian being there to explain the origins, it really made it that extra special. We really appreciate your recommendations on having shortbread on hand to complement the tasting. It added to the already rich experience. It was wonderful to meet such a charming and warm couple.
Ouidram will definitely take part in our future events.

Agente de communication /coordination d’événements
Développement Économique West-Island – CLD

Hi Terry!
That was better than I could hope for! You guys really helped out at making this evening a memorable one! Everyone came up to me afterwards and said how much they enjoyed the whisky tasting and learning about their origins.Overall it was an excellent experience and all those present had an amazing time.
Thank you both. Until next time.

Christian C.
Private Event, Aug. 2015

Thanks to our collaboration with Brian and Terry, our collection of whiskies at the bistro’s club went up from 5 to 70 in a few months. Terry is a strong asset in the organization of details which transform a simple event into something everybody will talk about. Brian, obviously, stands out as he is a main asset for everyone that touches the whisky in Montreal and in its region.
Together we made various tastings for the members as well as corporate and we finished the season on a scotch Gala. Systematically sold out, it is every time the same success and every time the same thanks.
Brian and Terry are one of the reasons why I like my job and I thank them for it.

Thibaut Faucheux
Directeur de la restauration,
Club sportif MAA
Juin 2015

The whiskey event was a great success and I've already told Thibaut that it will definitely be a repeat business.
Once again, Brian did a fantastic presentation!

Simon Turcotte| Directeur, Expansion des Affaires CIBC

“We hosted a client appreciation event with our top clients and they absolutely LOVED it! Brian is an entertaining speaker, with tons of interesting information! It’s fun for both whiskey drinkers and non-whiskey drinkers alike! Our clients are already asking us when the next tasting will be, and we’re only 1 day removed! Terry is there to guide you through the planning process, with valuable insight and ideas to ensure a successful event. We couldn't be more pleased with the Ouidram team!”
S.S. Langlois March 2015
Associé régional aux ventes
Regional Sales Associate
Sentry Investissements

I would like to express my appreciation to you both for your participation in our two Heritage Whisky Tasting events held in November and December of 2014. The quality of your service was superb and our guests appreciated not only the fabulous whisky offered as tastings, but also Brian’s professional expertise and knowledgeable story telling. The table settings presented by Ouidram were exquisite with the lights reflecting off the whiskies in the glasses. It was a pleasure to work with you both and you made our organization look great! With your assistance, we were able to raise some much needed funds to assist with our year-round programming.

Many thanks for everything and we look forward to an opportunity to work with you again.

Beth Peterkin
Event Planner
Friends of Murphys Point
Heritage Mica Days
Heritage Whisky Tasting

Thanks to Brian and Terry of Ouidram for making Blue Met’s fundraiser such a success - the four whiskys selected were memorable, and your suggestions regarding food were perfect. Our group of 125 movers and shakers had a most enjoyable evening, enhanced by “Monsieur Ouidram’s” informative and insightful presentation. Inspiring the Blue Met team to research and perform literary vignettes on the subject of “the water of life”, this Scotch tasting was an event to remember!
Ellayne K., Organizing Committee, Blue Met 02/04/2014

Hi Terry and Brian,

Thank you for your kind words and the quick follow-up to last night's event. It was truly a great evening, the guests enjoyed themselves immensely. The scotch tasting bar was a great hit, and Brian's eloquence on the 'ode to the haggis' and the history of scotch was nothing short of eloquent.

Thank you and to Ouidram and to Jean Christophe of Vins Conseil for such an excellent evening. Surely, it was one of our best member events in recent memory, and we appreciate the opportunity you provide to host an extremely successful Robbie Burns event at our Club.

Beverly R., Following the Burns Supper at The Forrest & Stream Club, Dorval, QC, January 25th, 2014.

Wow! My husband couldn't say enough great things about the whisky tasting 'experience' that you and your husband provided to him and his friends. He said that every guy there was listening intently to Brian speak and learned so much. He also said that the whiskies were amazing! He called me right after to tell me how well it went and thank me for organizing it. He said both you and Brian were 'cool', friendly, and created a great experience for the bachelor party. We will definitely be giving your business cards out to friends. You offer something very unique, that we have not seen anywhere else. Thank you!!
Jennifer B.
Private Whisky Tasting - September 2013

Brian and Theresa were simply fantastic! My partner and I could not have been more pleased with their services: the tasting got our party off to a great start and I will definitely be referring them to my friends and colleagues. Not only was Brian an excellent presenter, but he was fun, personable and oh-so-knowledgeable about the scotch; furthermore, Theresa provided great support, paid attention to every detail, and worked alongside Brian to ensure that the event went off seamlessly. What a team! Thanks to you both for such an entirely memorable evening, it (genuinely) exceeded our expectations.

Marc U. - Private Tasting June 2013.

I wanted to thank you and Terry so much for all that you contributed to the event, from the fantastic tasting itself to the prizes for the raffle. It was such a pleasure working together. The event was such a success and we were able to raise a lot of money for a great cause, which means a lot to me and my family. We will certainly contact you the next time we plan a whisky tasting fundraiser.
Emma S. - Fundraiser for the Ride to Conquer Cancer
May 2013

I had the chance to attend the 2013 Whisky Fête First Edition and I have to say it was one of my best scotch tasting ever. As a whisky tasting organizer myself, I know that it's the little details that makes the difference between a good or an amazing evening for the guests and believe me, everyone left that night with a big smile and good memories. First of all, the scotch selection was top notch as far as quality and rarity goes. Also, the presence of two distillery Ambassadors and many distributor representatives gave you the chance to discuss about the different scotch with highly passionate and knowledgeable peoples. The great atmosphere of the University Club, the traditional scottish dishes, the piper and the gaelic choirs, everything was there in order for you to have a memorable experience. Congratulations to Ouidram and the St Andrew's Society for this wonderful event that, we hope, will become a fixture in Montreal for the years to come.

Stéphane D.
Whisky Fête 2013

Thank you both for making the last fundraising event for the Black Watch Veteran's Association such a success. Having Ouidram host a whisky tasting was an excellent concept and I have heard nothing but rave reviews from those who attended.
Gordon R., Black Watch Veteran's Association

I just wanted to say that the Ouidram experience not only met my expectations but surpassed them in every way. Brian's presentation style and easygoing approachable attitude put everyone at ease and the evening perfect.
Nadine S., Marketing, Bombardier

What a success! I have heard nothing but praise and from what I heard everyone left with a happy face. It certainly was an educational experience and lots of fun, due in large part to your dedication to whisky and to your vast experience in putting on tastings.
Bruce D. Bolton, St. Andrew's Society.
Whisky Fête 2013

Thank you both for putting together such an outstanding selection of whiskies.

Peter McAuslan, St. Andrew's Society
Whisky Fête 2013

Thank you for an outstanding event! It was what I was dreaming of, and never thought I would be able to achieve. Perfect from start to finish AND you converted me to scotch!!

Suzanne L.
Private Tasting, October 2012

I keep on getting compliments for the day and I must say a large part of that success goes to you and Brian. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful experience! We are just thrilled everybody enjoyed and learned from the experience. Also nice to see the younger generation present since this is something they can take with them for the rest of their lives, kind of a legacy from our generation to theirs.
J.P., Private Tasting July 2012

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