Ouidram’s goal is to inspire, educate and foster an interest in whisky and its vibrant heritage by sharing these noble spirits with novice tasters and experienced connoisseurs alike.

Together directors Brian McQueenie and Theresa McGoldrick work closely with distributors and other organizations to host the perfect whisky tasting experience – events that are entertaining, informative and showcase the very best in single malts.

Their vision through Ouidram is to evoke the true spirit of Scotland through enlightening and congenial forums that lend exposure to the world’s finest whiskies.  In doing so, they hope to build an informal social network where individuals can expand their understanding of whisky and more fully explore this fascinating 400-year-old tradition.


The name Ouidram is a play on the words “wee dram”,
combining the French word for “yes”, or “oui”
with the traditionally hearty measure of whisky, a “dram”.

Together these words reflect
our contemporary international approach
to the age-old art of whisky tasting!

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