Author Jack Whyte gives OUIDRAM a Glowing Testimonial

Many of us don’t take the time to celebrate our successes but this is one opportunity we cannot let slip by…  Recently we hosted a whisky tasting at the Harbour House Restaurant in Victoria, B.C. where one of the guests was acclaimed author Jack Whyte.  Jack is best known for his historical novels based on real events or characters.  Some of his books include; The Templar Trilogy (based on the Templar knights), The A Dream of Eagles series based on the Arthurian legend, as well as The Guardians, a trilogy about Scotland’s William Wallace, Robert The Bruce and Andrew Murray.

This is what Jack had to say about attending our OUIDRAM Whisky Tasting event;

img_jack_whyte_largeAs an author, entertainer, actor, Regimental Bard to the Calgary Highlanders and so-called “expert” on Robert Burns, I’ve travelled widely throughout Canada in the past forty-odd years, and in the course of those journeyings I have sipped more than a few fine Scotches and attended countless whisky tastings.

The high spot of all of those tastings, though, was an event I attended on the 2nd of September, 2015, in a delightful restaurant in Victoria, BC. There were only four whiskies featured that evening, but they were superb, and each was paired astoundingly with a magnificent hors d’ oeuvre. The presenter that night was a fellow called Brian McQueenie and I’d never heard of him before, because I live in BC and he lives in Quebec. But that night, over the course of  two hours that flew by in a blink, I learned more about whisky, both generally and specifically, than I had picked up formerly in all my travels.

The GuardianOf course, the reason for that was the personality and enthusiasm of the presenter, Brian McQueenie, because he snatched me up, along with every other person there that night, and transported me to a place I had never been to before; a place in which Brian’s passionate commitment and dedication to his subject—the history, traditions and techniques of distilling the whiskies of Scotland—showed me, and allowed me to appreciate, the truth underlying all the baffle-gab that is so often blathered and spouted about our national drink.

I look forward to reliving that experience in the future and I have no hesitation in recommending Brian McQueenie’s services to anyone looking to put on a superlative, game-changing whisky tasting.”


About Ouidram

OUIDRAM Whisky Tastings evolved from a single fundraising event in 1999. Today, we share our passion for all things whisky through corporate, private and, of course, fundraising activities. Terry is Sales & Marketing, Brian, born in Scotland, is the "Talent"; in other words, Terry does all the hard work! Céad míle fáilte!
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